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    Support All Soil
    No matter the race, religion, country, or colour of an individual, there should be no difference amongst one another. Segregation should no longer exist. It does not matter what part of the world one is from, the physical traits of a human being are the same. We eat, breathe, bleed and our heart beats to the same sounds. Our souls are all interconnected. 
    OUR vision with SAS is to pour positivity and equality back into the world with a simple and bold message throughout our clothing. The message is meant to stand out so that others are able to see what it is exactly that is being advertised. Unity. The purpose with this is to strike up a conversation at work, the gym, a restaurant, a bus-stop, school possibly, or even at home. Having people chat about these concepts and creations builds positive energy, and uplifting atmospheres. As human beings, we so often forget not always where we're FROM, but WHAT we are all about. 
    With this movement, SAS' purpose is to raise awareness through our everyday canvas, our clothing. We strive to inspire the world. With our team expanding everyday, all we can ask from anyone and everyone willing to support the clothing and wear our brand, is begin by focusing on changing yourself and see where it leads you. A good leader never wants to stop learning, and growing. 
    The Support All Soil movement will, "never be ending. Always adding and adapting with the people." We are not here waiting for approval from anyone. This is OUR vision, and there is plenty of room for us to grow together as one.