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    Our Goal with the ‘SUPPORT ALL SOIL’ movement is to advocate positive actions. Anywhere from feeding the homeless, handing out clothing, organizing a shoe drive or simply just putting a smile on people’s faces for a day. We will make a commitment to you by going out at least once month and serving the community anyway we can . We will be hitting the streets ourselves and setting a positive example, hopefully we can influence others to do the same either with us or in their own city depending on location. We know we cant change the world but we can make a difference in our daily routine. Don’t just wear SAS talk about it with others and lets UNCHAIN our minds and eliminate differences, UNITE!
    Once a month we have a Pizza Party for Hungry in Surrey BC. We are working along with Nightshift Street Ministries where we take over a night and instead of soup and sandwiches we provide pizza. Not a big deal to the average person but a huge treat for the Homeless. The funds for the pizza come directly from the sales of our merchandise, for every piece of merchandise sold we will feed a hungry person. We have been able to buy on the average about 30 pizzas every month.